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Eternal clear glasses

Eternal clear glasses

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  • ✔AWARENESS OF HEALTH: Blue light emission from LED screens such as computer, mobile phone, PAD, tablets, and TV can lead to eye fatigue, blurred vision, eyestrain and headache.
  • ✔PRECAUTION OF BLUE RAY: Blue light Blocking Glasses is an efficiently capable of preventing visual fatigue, eyestrain and discomfort from continuous exposure to 99% harmful blue light and UV400.
  • ✔QUALITY AT A GLANCE: We provide most fashionable designed glasses with ultra-light weight, strong, durable and comfortable frame. Suitable for long periods of working, gaming or watching time.
  • ✔NON-PRESCRIPTION: A non-prescription glasses suitable for all kind of people with or without Myopia and contact lenses.
  • ✔SLEEP BETTER: Wearing VISION Blue Light Glasses while viewing digital screens at night can help encourage melatonin production, promoting healthy sleep patterns


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