Why Buy Eternal Flare ?

All of our garments are constructed with the best cotton fabric grown over years and sewed with passion . Each garment made is special as each one has a a slightly different stitching pattern to make each piece have its own individual feel .


Why our shipping takes Time

1. Every order that is placed is made on the spot , we do not have inventory we make every peiece individually and is shipped out according to the customers order.

2. All orders are pre-orders , this means once a order is placed it is sent to our manufacturers and the production of the product begins . Once production finishes the product is then shipped to our facility which we do a quality check and then it is shipped to your front door step .

3 . All of our garments are limited and is only made once every 2 months which means if you miss a drop you will have to wait another 2 months before you will have a chance to buy one of our products again . This is the best part of a luxury brand , knowing that you waited to purchase and no one else can get what you have until far down the road when our site re-opens .

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